Hardware line

A complete hardware mixing/mastering studio

Black Friday

Get one plugin from now to sunday 29th night and receive the brand new "Fooler", an unique tool that gives new life to all your compressors and saturators.

(Fooler will be loaded in your user area on monday).

More info about Fooler here.
NEW! Disto

Two devices emulated in a software product.

Distortion, Compression, Warmth, Transformers.

With Mid/Side.

Available now...
A round robin drums variator.
Presented at 139th AES in New York, available for one month exclusively through Track Spark subscription.
SKnote plugins as Avid AAX-DSP?

Send an email if you are interested and want to discuss it.

NEW! RawPro hardware line
A professional hardware line, special features, high performances.
RP6 - The most classical FET compression, includes "all buttons in" switch, line and microphone level input.
RP165a - A standard compression in professional studios, VCA compression, includes "Auto" mode, limiter, line and microphone input.
RP2A - The most classical Opto compression, includes multiple vintage-style optocouplers, line and microphone input.

Full analog. The cheapest and funkiest analog recording studio.

Compact, lightweight, versatile, powerful.

Mix (line input) and track (mic input) through them.

An external (optional) transformer powers up to eight units.

Need details? Send an email.

available now...

SDC - Stereo Double Compressor

An electroluminescent panel based optical compressor followed by a fast VCA compressor on each channel.

Internal Mid/Side encoding and decoding matrix.

Mixing on all kinds of sources, mastering.

available now...
NEW! SoundBrigade

A brigade of filters with a mission.

Control resonances, wake-up a track, mastering.

available now...
NEW! STA-limit v.2

From a classic tube compressor.

- transparent compression

- extremely simple and effective

- "in your face" sound

- multiple release modes, including a special "auto" mode

- extra unit for sidechain and stereo image control

- new v.2: improved sound and lighter on CPU

Available now...
NEW! Rev250 v.2

Vintage reverb

Smoother, deeper, new algorithms!

available now...

(click to enlarge)

NEW Strip v.3! (StripBus)

New features:

- New console models (Old British Transformers, Emphasized, Transparent)

- "Whole modeling" (instances manage a whole analog model of the console)

- Full channel strip

- Multi-mode compressor (snap, smooth, old mode)

- Expander

- Dynamic equalizer

- Stereo aligned saturation option (AES E-brief link)

- Multi-mode metering

- Gain fader for independent mix automation


A free update for existing users until official release.

Get v.2 now and access v.3 beta

A set of unique tools for mixing, up to sound design

- Dynamic filtering

- Dynamic pitch shifting

- Dynamic widening

- Envelope stretching


We found some special units at www.atomheartstudio.com

Everybody keeps asking for software emulations, and these are really special, so...


(click for details)

Etna 30.16.(6).2 - Motorized Mixing Console

- 15 stereo channels

- 8 stereo aux/send busses

- Stereo compressor, expander and dynamic equalizer on each strip

- Automation, including motorized sends

- Six ducking busses (link dynamics between channels)

- Master buss stereo compressor

Send an e-mail for information.

(click to enlarge)

AVE - Analog Vocal Enhancer

Three effects in one double unit "500" series device.

- Stereo parallel compression on high frequency range (from a classic trick with a noise reduction unit).

- Stereo delay and pitch shifting for doubling. Add width and thickness.

- Transparent chorus for stereo widening.

Not only for vocals.

Available now, send an email to order.

See it at work on YouTube

AVE Analog Vocal Enhancer

999$ (+VAT, taxes, shipment)

(click to enlarge)

Track, sum, mix, process.

- 8 input channels, with link option for more units

- 8 individual output channels

- stereo mix buss

- British input and output transformers

- class A amplifiers

- line and mic level inputs

- passive emphasis networks (per-channel, affect sound and saturation)

- output pads

- three rack units

- "Rock" sound

- XLR and TRS individual ins and outs


Controls (per channel):

- output pad (reduces out level when saturating channels)

- stepped gain

- emphasis engage ("sound")

- phantom power

- phase reversal

- internal level bi-color led

- volume

Controls (stereo buss):

- master volume

- stereo link (couples of channels)

Agata - microconsole

2499$ (+VAT, taxes, shipment)

(click to enlarge...)

Hardware stereo PWM mono/stereo compressor.

- stereo balanced inputs/outputs

- stepped controls

- internal sidechain equalizer (low and high ranges)

- external sidechain input

- control on compression curve

- feed-forward and feed-back modes

- peak and rms modes

See it in action on video...

Leso - Stereo Pulse Width Modulation compressor

1.199$ (+ taxes where applicable)

Note: MS4 kit is out of stock.

Leso is now available only as a complete unit.

Fair compression...


- 12 stereo compression models (opto to vintage to modern)

- 12 stereo distortion modes (linked to compression)

- stereo with a single set of controls

- balanced inputs/outputs

- analog-computing modeling

- internal sidechain EQ (highs and lows)

- external (line level, balanced) sidechain input

- 16 VCAs inside

- feed-forward and feed-back compression

- limiting

- peak and rms detection

- special compression modes

- huge needle meter for compression

- bi-color led indicator for distortion

- 3 rack units

See it at work on YouTube


Vastaso - stereo compression/saturation with external sidechain

1899$ (+ taxes and shipment)

Catena is a stereo routing, splitting, mixing, multiband console in 3 rack units. Also includes an internal mid/side matrix for mixed stereo/mid-side processing. Five stereo channels are available. Main stereo input can be split and sent to the next channel and so on. Stereo returns are split and sent again (series mode) or main stereo input is sent to every stereo channel.

Stereo returns are mixed through stereo volume controls and sent to individual outputs. Per-channel mute/bypass controls.

In multiband mode, main stereo input is split into four frequency bands with fine crossover frequency controls (24 dB/octave). Each band is sent to individual send outputs, mixed back through volume controls, sent to individual outputs. All kinds of parallel/series/multiband/mid-side processing arrangements are available for hardware chains.



- four stereo split sections with sends

- series (independent channels) and parallel (main input to all channels)

- five stereo channels with stereo volume controls (stepped)

- four frequency bands with stepped fine controls (16 steps)

- internal mid-side matrix

- stepped controls

- active inputs and outputs

- XLR inputs and outputs


Catena - multiband stereo processor

1499$ (+ taxes and shipment)

With a discrete signal path and input and output transformers, Rame is a passive, stereo, low-mid range equalizer.

Including custom inductors and transformers, Rame also includes an internal mid/side encoding/decoding matrix for mid/side equalization. Left and right channels can be used as a stereo couple, two mono channels, a mid/side couple.

The mid-range section includes two selectable filters (boost and cut) with independent frequency selection.

The low-range section includes two frequency bands (boost and cut), with a shared frequency selection.

Cut acts on a slightly higher frequency range than boost. Used together, boost and cut add a good amount of low frequency content while keeping the signal clean.

The low section includes a special parallel, passive limiter. Increase boost and saturation to get sustain on low-range. Increase saturation to get harmonics.



- passive, custom inductors and transformers

- one stereo, two mono or one mid/side channel

- parallel equalization

- eleven frequencies available for each filter

- input and output transformers bypass controls

- 100% wet switches for parallel processing

- true-bypass switches

- internal mid/side matrix

- all stepped controls

- FET gain stage (0dB in to out)

- XLR and TRS inputs (combo) and outputs


Rame - stereo passive low-mid EQ with mid-side and passive limiter

1299$ (+ taxes and shipment)

Built around the old "analog computing" technique, Somma is designed to provide deep control on the dynamic harmonic content of audio tracks, stems, mixes, masters.

Somma features eight balanced input channels with individual saturation model selection (six independent configurations available on each channel) and saturation level controls, providing deep control on the amount of dynamic harmonic enhancement and on the behavior of each channel.

Deeper control is available on the stereo bus, with two separate bands of harmonic control (low band for punch and high band for air), saturation and output level controls.

Several units can be chained together to expand the system and make more channels available.

Note: this is a hardware device, available as a ready device or as a diy kit.

Note: delivery time about one week.

Download the brochure

Somma - color summing mixer

1299$ (+ taxes and shipment)


Including a fully discrete signal path and input and output transformers, Ferro is a passive stereo device (no mains) that dynamically adds mid and high frequency range presence, weight and open-ness to tracks, stems, mixes and masters.

Including custom inductors and transformers, Ferro also features a switchable inter-channel (left-right) coupling control to set the amount of galvanically insulated interaction between the channels, happening in the selected range.

Left and right channels can be used as mid-side channels (adding an encoding and decoding stereo matrix, easily available in the digital audio workstation) or as two separate mono bands by chaining them.

Note: this is a hardware device, available as a ready device or as a diy kit.

Note: delivery time about one week.

Download the brochure



- internal Mid-Side matrix for Mid-Side EQing

- Mid-Side balance stepped rotary switch

- FET gain unit

- true bypass for "un-powered" mode


Ferro - parallel passive stereo air EQ with internal mid-side matrix

1199$ (+ taxes and shipment)

DDD dimension chorus

A remake


available now

MCAudioLab EQ1

Solid State and Tube power supply edition


available now...

EQ1 - passive EQ

VST, AU and soon RTAS


FREE with a hardware unit from www.mcaudiolab.com

ROUNDTONE new v.3!

Multitrack Tape Machine emulation

with Tape Delay and Enhancer

available now...

C165a VCA compressor

Auto mode, from transparent to insanely fast


available now...

XTrim mixing tools

Level, stereo image, tone, time, pitch. VU metering


available now...


Multiband, level independent, envelope shaper

available now...


Saturation and Dynamics

From subtle to enhancement to distortion

Level independent dynamic control, integrated dynamic equalisation, weak power supply.

available now...


Algorithmic reverb

Clean, deep, wide. Simple and powerful.

available now...


Mono to stereo, stereo enhancement

Simple and powerful. Frequency dependent control.

Align multitracked guitars and more.

available now...


Tube limiting and saturation from '50

available now...


Strip unit

Bus unit


Full console emulation bundle, with five stereo bus compressors

Two plugins:

"Strip" (NEW v.2 available):

  • NEW - four models: "A Tube", "B Solid state", "C Solid state", "D Tube"

  • input stage saturation

  • hipass, parametric mids, lowpass (multi-mode, static and dynamic)

  • VU and peak combined metering

  • bypass-all menu for fast wet-dry comparison (bypasses all plugin instances from a single menu)

  • auto ducking mode

  • NEW - inter-channel crosstalk

  • NEW - global headroom control

  • NEW - channel level offset (adapt the instance to input level)

  • NEW - optional background noise

  • NEW - eight desks (grouping) available

"Bus" (NEW v.2 available):

  • dual mode: "Tube", "Solid state"

  • two compressor models in two variations

  • new "Opto 2A" compressor

  • stereo bus compressor (with 4x oversampling)

  • low and high frequencies enhance controls

  • parallel compression

  • upward compression

  • mid-side compression

NEW Bus v.2 available now!


Vinyl cutting pre-processing

A mastering effect or a mixing tool

  • bass frequencies stereo width (make bass mono for a better image)

  • "acceleration limiter" (controls the amount of high frequencies)

  • general dynamics control

  • Mid/Side balance

available now...


A fistful of exciters, smooth hipass, delicate tilt

available now...


Simply a plate reverb.

Physical modeling, non linear behaviour, multi-mode modulation.

Dual stereo, mono to stereo, mix to mono to stereo, split stereo.

Use it as a clean, dense reverb or stress it.

Tap on the plate to hear the impulse response and tune the reverb.

available now...


Simply a spring reverb.

Physical modeling, non linear behaviour, multi-mode modulation.

Several springs, several combinations (parallel, series, Z-link).

Round, nice reverb or "twisted" effects.

Tap on the springs to hear the impulse response and tune the reverb.

available now...



- multiple parallel compression



- pitch shifting

- choir

- stereo chorus



- lead "attitude" desktop synth



- bass saturation

- compression

- drive



- stage placement



- drums "attitude" desktop synth



- channel strip

- dynamic eq

- multiband exciter



- full mastering system with K-stereo



- pads "attitude" desktop synth



- reverb

- mastering gloss



- stereo widening

- stereo image

- phase equalizer



- bass "attitude" desktop synth



- compressor

- expander

- limiter



- multitrack drumkit player



- attack and sustain splitting

- midi output


Software: Ing. Quintino Sardo - Via Montello, 7 - 95037 S.G. La Punta (CT) - P. IVA 03480500879

Hardware: SK Cooperativa - via Montello, 7 - 95037 S.G. La Punta (CT)

P. IVA e C.F. 04427010873 - Registro Imprese di Catania n.04427010873 - REA 294825

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